Stuffed Ribs in Diyarbakir

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I went to Diyarbakir, a city located in the east Anatolia for a school work last weekend. We were 8 people from our university and I must say it was an amazing 4-day trip for me! We hadn’t known one another before, but we had great time together, we were like close friends just after a few hours. We realized that we have something very important in common, we all love to discover new foods! Food is a way of life for all of us, maybe this common point helped us socialize that easily.

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Although we were there for school work, it was more like a gastronomic journey for all of us. Every city in Turkey has its own dishes and Diyarbakir is not an exception. It is famous for its various meat dishes, very tasty and addictive meat dishes! Knowing this, we were all looking forward to discovering its most famous dishes on the very first day of our journey! We continued discovering on the other days having lunch and dinner at different places until the returning day.

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The first place we were directed was a restaurant famous for its stuffed lamb ribs. It was the first time I tried ribs in this way and I’m afraid I will not love any other versions that much after this one, it was beyond scrumptious! The whole rack of lamb is stuffed with a mixture of rice, almonds and spices. The rack is filled with this filling and then sewn. Rice absorbs the irresistible flavor of rib inside as it is cooked very slowly for long hours. When serving, the waiter open it in a tray, removed bones and sewing string, separated it into pieces with two forks. It is served on the same tray and you either eat from this tray or take some on your plate. The best drink to accompany this tasty dish is definitely a big glass of ayran. I’m planning to make it at home very soon and share its recipe here, but you can watch this video at least to get an idea until then.

If you happen to go to Diyarbakir one day, I highly recommend you to go to this restaurant, named Kaburgaci Selim Amca (check out their website here). You shouldn’t miss their mouthwatering stuffed lamb ribs! The restaurant deserves a very high rate for all its foods. They served some mezzes before the main course including stuffed bulgur kofte, stuffed dried eggplant and stuffed lamb intestines (mumbar dolmasi). The main filling ingredient in all these was rice, and minced meat, but they all had different flavors, maybe because of the spices they contained. They also served pickled baby armenian cucumbers and they were fantastic too! As these were served earlier when we were all starving, I just forgot to take their pictures, sorry for that! I know the quality of pictures here is not very good as they were taken in the evening under low light. However, I’m sure they give you an idea about how tasty the dish was!

stuffed ribs |

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    That looks like a wonderful meal, I do hope you experiment and find the recipe. I spent a month in Turkey but did not run across that dish.

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      Hi Heather, it’s not common in all cities in Turkey. It is generally made in the eastern cities. If you happen to visit cities like Diyarbakir, Mardin, Urfa, you will come across stuffed ribs there. I want everyone to try this delicacy, so I will definitely try it very soon and share it here.

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