Spinach with Yogurt

Spinach with Yogurt | giverecipe.com

We thought that we’d been living the last days of winter, but this morning we understood that it’s too early for winter to leave us. It was so cold and snowy again this morning. So I thought we still have time for cooking fresh spinach.

There was an open market in our neighborhood today and we bought some winter vegetables from there such as spinach, leek, celery, carrots. And we gave the priority to spinach. I generally prefer cooking it with eggs or making borek with it, but today I tried something I learnt from mom again. While she was giving the recipe on the phone, I didn’t think it would worth writing it here as it was so simple. I think the word “simple” exactly defines it.  And mom must have realized my thoughts on her recipe as she continually added how tasty it was.

I decided to give this spinach salad a chance. We made it as a side dish near pasta topped with white cheese. And it becomes one of our favorite. It was incredibly delicious.

I have still some suspicions on eating spinach and yogurt together, I made some search but couldn’t find a consensus on it. Some say yogurt makes it healthier, some say yogurt decreases its vitamins. I decided not to be so cautious this time for the sake of this hearty spinach salad. We love it so much that we’ll make it often.

Yogurtlu Ispanak

•    500g spinach
•    1 cup yogurt
•    3 cloves garlic,mashed
•    2 tsp red pepper flakes
•    3 tbsp olive oil
•    2 tsp salt

Wash and clean the spinach very well. Put it in a pot, add salt on it. I prefer not chopping them. Cover the pot and cook it over medium heat until the spinach leaves change their color to dark green and become soft. Do not add any water as the leaves release their own water. Don’t overcook them, 10 or 15 minutes will be enough.

Take the boiled spinach leaves on a plate. Set it aside.

Mix the mashed garlic with yogurt and pour some on the spinach.

In a small pan, heat olive oil and fry red pepper flakes. Drizzle it on spinach and yogurt.

You see how simple it is, but I can gurantee you’ll be a fan of this side dish/salad just like us after trying. Of course if you don’t have any problems with vegetables.

Spinach with Yogurt | giverecipe.com


  1. says

    We make creamed spinach sometimes, but i think spinach with yogurt would be so much healthier! I like the red pepper flakes too! I will definitely be trying this soon!

  2. says

    A healthy, tasty and pretty dish, love both…perfect to eat!
    I wonder how will taste with a mild-sweet yogurt this salad, I think an interesting taste :)

  3. says

    I like that you left the stems, too often they are discarded, and yet are a good addition to the meal. This sounds delicious. Thanks.

  4. says

    sounds fantastic! I love yogurt sauce like this, but never thought to have it with spinach!

  5. says

    Hmm never had spinach in this manner before. I would usually stir fry it as a Chinese dish but this looks really interesting.

  6. says

    This is so simalar to how I make spinach! I sometimes throw a bit of cumin in too. Yumm!

    I finally was able to digg the borek and I bookmarked it too. One day I will figure all this stuff out!!!

  7. says

    I eat tons of spinach and am always looking for new was to prepare it…. this looks delish!

  8. says

    This is a marvelous preparation for spinach! I usually stop at simply sauteeing it with some garlic and olive oil but you’ve taken it a delicious step forward.

  9. says

    Ispanak biz de çok ama çok sevilir… Hele bir de böyle yoğurtlu, pul biberli olursa herkes bayıla bayıla yer:))
    Ellerine sağlık arkadaşım:))

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