Sobiyet | giverecipe.comWe had our dinner with two friends this evening. It was a long time since we had met last, so we decided to invite them for dinner. As we love eating together, they accepted it immediately. We had grilled gilthead seabream in oven with season salad in our menu.

Our dessert was from our guests. It’s a common tradition in Turkey, if you are invited for  dinner, you should take a kind of dessert as a contribution for dinner. And our kind friends brought this scrumptious sobiyet for our dinner.

Sobiyet (rolled baklava with pistachio and cream) is one of the most popular traditional Turkish desserts. The most popular one is baklava. Sobiyet is very similar to baklava, the only difference is that it has cream inside it. The best baklava and its versions are made by Güllüoğlu and as far as I know, they also have an agency in the U.S. However, they don’t have one in Eskisehir, that’s why our friends bought it from the best of Eskisehir, Hacıoğlu.

Dessert before engagement

Desserts with sherbet have a different role in Turkish culture. Couples have a small ceremony with just their closest family members before their engagement. And a kind of sherbet dessert such as sobiyet, baklava, kadayif is served to the guests at the ceremony. This is a kind of wish for that couple to go on a sweet relationship and to end up with marriage.

If you want to try it at home, here is the recipe.

Ingredients (servings:20)
•    1kg flour
•    500g wheat starch
•    4 eggs
•    5tsp salt
•    1 ½ cup water
•    1 cup pistachio
•    800g butter

For its sherbet:
•    8 cups sugar
•    12 cups water

For its cream:
•    ½ lt milk
•    4tbsp semolina

Put flour, salt, eggs, and 1 ½ cup water in a large bowl, knead them well. Divide the dough into pieces in size of walnuts. Then roll out these pieces with a rolling pin in size of a small plate. Wait them 15 minutes. Then put 8 of them on one another by sprinkling starch between each, they should overlap. And roll all of these out at the same time. Thay should be thin phyllo sheets.

Cut each phyllo sheet into small suares of 10cm.

Preheat the oven to 180C.

Cook the semolina and milk together in a pot by mixin it continually until it gets thicker than pudding.

Put pounded pistachio and a spoonful semolina mixture on each squares. Fold the edges of the square in shape of an envelope. Do the same for all of the squares and place them in a tray.

Melt the butter and pour it in the tray. And cook the in oven for half an hour.

Meanwhile, you can prepare its sherbet. Boil 12 cups water and 8 cups sugar in a pot. When the sugar melts totally, take it from heat and let it cool. When you take the sobiyet from oven, pour this sherbet on them. Don’t forget, sherbet should be cold, sobiyets should be hot. Then let it cool and serve it cold.

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  1. says

    The pistachios are so bright and pretty! There’s a bakery near my house that may have this. They have a lot of Greek and Turkish treats, and I’ll have to look tomorrow.

  2. says

    ooooooooooo, that looks insanely good! I don’t think I’ve had sobiyet, even though I’ve had my fair share of baklava … next time I go to a turkish restaurant I’m going to ask them for it!

  3. says

    Zerrin, baklava with pistachio and cream..I’m mouth-watering right now!!
    It looks dreamy…I’m so far from it only I can delight with your delicious photo :)


  4. says

    oh my goodnes, this looks delicious! Thanks so much for sharing. The pistachios look incredibly fresh – I’d reach through my screen to get a sample if I could!

  5. says

    We here adore pistachios and would really love this gorgeous dessert! How delicious! You got my response to your email, right? Just checking cause my emails seem to be getting lost in e-space lately.

  6. says

    MMMMM…Zerrin, this dessert looks so fab!! You have great friends! I will have to try this!! I had never heard from it before!! So, thanks!!

  7. says

    lisaiscooking- If they have Turkish dessrts, I’m sure they have sobiyet.
    Muneeba – as you said, it tastes amazing. you should definitely ask for it in a Turkish restaurant.

    Gera – Maybe you visit us here, then remind me to serve some sobiyet to you.

    OysterCulture – Ann if you have just one bite, you’l want a lot more. This is such kind of a dessert.

    Diana – really tastes wonderful. We’re lucky to find it here.

    Natasha- You should definitely taste it. And yes, I got your email.

    Sophie- You’ll love it. I’m sure.

  8. says

    That looks so delicious. I remember all those sweet and delicious treats when visiting Istanbul. I love how they use so many nuts and the sticky syrup that gets all over your fingers! Baklava and the like are my sisters favorite treat so I will try sobiyet on her when I go back home for a visit in a few weeks.
    the color of the green pistachio is gorgeous – makes me want a piece now!

  9. says

    Oh my gosh, baklava… with cream… I think I have died and gone to heaven. I will be trying this. Oh man alive it sounds so lovely! stumbled this too!

  10. says

    Well, I love baklava so I’m pretty sure that I would love this, what with all of the pistachios. Looks scrumptious!

  11. rowena says

    This is another recipe that I will try in my kitchen. It looks so delicious, and we do love pistachios!

  12. Sweetcharity says

    When I was in Turkey I could have lived on the sweets… I had at least one small piece of baklava each day, and one small piece of sobiyet with a strong coffee. Thanks for this recipe!

  13. Connie says

    Just wondering why the measurements are mixed (metric system vs. non metric)… when you say ‘cups’ what do you mean? 8oz?

    I used the premade phyllo dough and they came out great (used another recipe online). I’m not very good at rolling out thin dough ehehhe

    Just wanted to add.. non-salted pistachios are hard to find here in the US. I usually get them from Turkey. If you can only find the salted kind, shell them then washed them with cold water and lay them out to dry for a few hours. If I have time I try to remove as much of the skins as I can that way when I grind them they are super green :-)

  14. Pia says


    A quick question..since the cream is already cooked can I use it in a pre-made baklava or layer it in any-other no bake or pre-made dessert


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