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Seedless Eggplant |

It is already known that it is possible to produce seedless pomegranate, lemon and watermelon. And now a Turkish company can produce seedless eggplant.

It is reported that E-Z Seed Company in Antalya, has produced seedless eggplant with the help of hybrid seeds they have improved. The company claims that this is the first seedless eggpant production around the country and the world. Farmers will be able to produce seedless eggplant in Winter without using bees or any plant hormones thanks to this hybrid seed improved from eggplant species which can be fertilized by themselves (parthenocarp).

The owner of E-Z Seed Company, Zekai Ilter stated that this eggplant is sweeter than regular eggplants and this is why it is mostly prefered by kebab and bbq fans.  He explained that eggplants have a fertilizing problem when temperature lowers in Winter, which makes it harder to produce eggplants in greenhouses. To fertilize eggplants in Winter, farmers have to use bees or plant hormones (chemical substances).

They worked on this problem and experimented on improving a new eggplant seed from the eggplant species which genetically have a feature of self fertilizing (parthenocarp). They could achieve finding out an eggplant seed which can be fertilized on its own as a result. Now it is possible with this seed to produce seedless eggplant. However, it might take about 5 years to become widespread.


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    How very bizarre – and very interesting! I have to say, I’d like to try this just to compare between the seeded and seedless eggplant. Do we have to wait 5 years though? :)

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    How interesting. I like to buy baby eggplants because they tend to have less seeds. But I have to buy A LOT of them to make a main dish for four. Thank you for sharing these interesting food developments with us!

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    Interesting – but I am afraid it is enough genetic engineering with food. I am a natural girl – well, am not – I am as contaminated as all of us. However, I would not like the future to bear this weight. I cannot imagine a seedless pom. What would be the point.

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    Its best to avoid hybrid seeds and plants like seedless plants and such. Theyare nutritionally inferior to the real deal and who wants to get rid of seeds anyway – i love having something to chomp on in grapes or watermelon….


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