Roasted Lamb Beef

Roasted Lamb Beef

As I told in my previous posts, my husband is a big fan of meat, especially steak. And yesterday was his day as we decided to eat meat. We went to market yesterday to buy some  marinaded lamb, but there wasn’t any. However, the market salesman told us that they have just brought steak and strongly recommended it. We decided to marinade ourselves and bought four pieces. After eating them all, we wailed “Why didn’t we buy more?”

Izgara Biftek

•    Four pieces steak (lamb or beef)
•    3tbsp Olive oil
•    1 tsp salt, black pepper, red pepper flakes and thyme

Roasted Lamb Beef
We want them much softer, so we prepared a mixture of 2 tbsp olive oil, salt, black pepper, red pepper flakes and thyme.

Roasted Lamb Beef

Coat steak with this mixture. Wait just 1 hour. Now they are ready to cook.

Roasted Lamb Beef

Put 2 tbsp olive oil in a non stick pan. Wait until it gets hot and put the steak in it. Roast them on low heat turning over. When it turns from red to dark brown (as you see in the Picture), it is cooked.You’ll understand how it is soft with just one bite.

Enjoy it.


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    Beef is the most precious meat of lamb. It contains no nerve or grease, so this part is always more delicious.

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    In fact, when beef is processed and sliced, it is called tenderloin. But here we call it “beef” in general. When buying beef from the butcher, he pounds it with a tool (I don’t remember its name) to make it thinner. It cooks easier when it is thinner. Thanks for your interest.

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    Blog’uma ugradiginiz icin cok tesekkur ederim. Mersin, Adana ve Hatay ve cevresinin yemekleri birbirine cok benzer. Bu borek sandigimdan da daha populermis. Umarim evde denersiniz o ispanakli boregini. Cok basit aslinda. Soylediginiz gibi tadi da harika.

    Sizin sitenizi de cok begendim. Daha once gormemistim, ama cok guzel tarifleriniz var. Fotograflar da harika. Tesekkurler paylastiginiz icin. Su tarifdeki lamb ve pilav mukemmel gorunuyor. Kuzu etini ben de cok severim.

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    Oh I love lamb too! However, here typically you can only get leg of lamb, ground lamb or lamb chops. Now I am going to got ask the butcher about lamb tenderlion/beef! It looks wonderful. How simple, I bet it was lovely!

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    i love meat. but lamb is quite expensive here in the philippines. your dish looks delicious! i’ll try it with our local beef instead….

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