Red Meat Price Down


It is reported that red meat has cheapened in Turkey with the help of cattle and sheep imports. The price of red meat was quite expensive for months because of lack of enough animal husbandry. It is clearly stated by authorities that people will be able to buy meat at lower price as Turkey started to import sheep especially from Bulgaria.

It is said that lamb price has sagged by 20 TL (Turkish Lira) from 24TL. There is also a decrease in beef prices. It is declared that the beef price has declined to 16TL from 18,5TL. This fall at meat price has also affected prices of pastirma and sujuk (dry spicy sausage). The first class pastirma costs 45TL now (falled from 55TL)! And price of a high quality sujuk has fallen to 22TL. Prices of ham, sausage, salami have gone down accordingly.

Hope these prices will be even less than these so that everyone can afford buying these products.

How is the price of these in your country? Are these still expensive when compared to yours?


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    Happy New Year, Zerrin!

    It’s interesting to read about the fall of meat prices in Turkey due to increased importation. Here in the Philippines, beef and lamb are not prohibitively expensive but still quite costly to most average Filipino household. Cattle-raising here is on a small-scale so most meat has to be imported, mainly from Australia (beef imported from the US is very expensive). On the other hand, chicken, pork and seafood are fairly abundant and affordable, so I’ve been gradually shifting toward using less beef. 😎

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      Tracey- It is absolutely so interesting and upsetting to see that animal husbandry has been declining in Turkey. And we are somehow in need of importation while Turkey used to export meat to Europe and other countries. Unfortunately this is a result of wrong policies.

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    I’m glad the price of meat in your area is going down, Zerrin! My hubby and I buy halal meat…basically, when we run out, he goes to the halal butcher and selects an animal to be slaughtered. Then it’s butchered and he brings it home and we fill our 2 freezers. I’m not sure if buying meat this way is cheaper or not, but there definitely is a noticeable difference in the quality.

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      Faith- You’re doing the best thing! We were talking about doing the same, but we can’t store them at home as we have just one small freezer. I’m sure it is more tasty in your way.

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    I hope the prices start going down over here in the states, seems like every grocery trip ends up with less in the basket and more out of the pocket book.. So glad the prices are becoming afordable for you.

    Bon appetit!

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    We don’t eat red meat…so I wouldn’t know! But I have been having an odd craving for steak. Maybe I need more iron! Thanks for sharing, sweet friend.

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