Purslane with Yogurt

Purslane with Yogurt | giverecipe.com

This is one of my favorite savory foods served in almost every drinking house with Turkish raki. I know I’ve mentioned this drink several times. I’m just waiting for the right time to write about it. That “right time” means when we meet friends and drink raki together. But I promise I’ll do it soon. There must be several savory foods/appetizers on table while drinking raki and this one is one of the most commons. In fact, anything with yogurt goes perfect with raki. However, we often make this food as an appetizer near our lunch or dinner as soon as purslane starts to be shown on stands at open markets. And in Turkey, we’re having just the season of this herb these days. So we don’t want to miss any chance of making something from it. I remember that I wrote about a green salad of purslane a few weeks ago, and this will be the second dish of purslane I’m going to write. Maybe I should create a new category for purslane here as I’m planning to add several dishes from it. As you understand I adore it and I wish I could grow it myself in a pot in my balcony or I wish I had a herb garden. For those who haven’t met purslane yet, I must say that it’s a bit savory, especially its stems, which we’ll not use its stems in this savory dish. But if you want to try the stems, you should use them in any kinds of soup, and you’ll see how it enhances your soup.

We had black beans for dinner yesterday and purslane with yogurt was our appetizer near it. It’s a part of our culture to have something with the main dish; either a kind of salad or a kind of savory dishes like this one. And here is the easy recipe.

Yogurtlu Semizotu

–    A bunch of purslane
–    3 cloves garlic
–    1 cup plain yogurt
–    1 tsp salt
–    1 tbsp olive oil
–    1 tsp red pepper flakes

Wash the purslane well, and pick just its leaves and put them in a bowl.

Mash garlic in a bowl, add salt and mix them with yogurt. Put the purslane leaves and mix again. Then take this mixture on a plate, drizzle olive oil on it. Finally sprinkle red pepper flakes right on olive oil and serve. If you like, you can garnish the plate with a few leaves of dill. This dish is definitely an appetizer as you want to eat more main dish when you eat it. That is, it triggers you to eat anything with it.

Purslane with Yogurt | giverecipe.com

From Spinach To Purslane

Mrs Spinach is a successful businesswoman and she always does right things at right times. As winter is leaving little by little, she knows that it’s time for her to leave, too. As she is sure that people are always in search for herbs and greens at open markets, she decides to call her best friend, Mrs Purslane as the substitute. She is the only one to run the herb company as successfully as Mrs. Spinach. As she believes in the emotion of sending snail mail, she is writing a letter to Mrs. Purslane now. Hope she’ll come soon. (drawing by mom)


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    Fist as always, I love the added drawings and stories they give some extra depth to your posts. I am literally ready to dash out the door to get some purslane at the corner market – as always reading your posts gets me inspired. I learn so much from your work – it is such a gift, and when you decide to make a cookbook, let me know as I’ll be the first one to buy it!

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    I haven’t met purslane yet! But your gorgeous picture and recipe makes me wish I had!

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    The more I see your purslane recipes, the more I’d like to try it but I’ll have to look around for it. I know I’ve never seen it our the regular grocery store – perhaps one of the specialty markets might have it, or when our farmer’s market opens. This looks wonderful! And it’s great that Mrs. Spinach has such a capable, dependable and equally delicious lieutenant to take over for a while! 😎

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    I would love to try that. I haven’t tried purslane, yet as i haven’t been able to find if in markets here. Hopefully soon.

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    I’ve never tried purslane with yogurt but your post and pictures are convincing me :) The only thing is to see if I can get purslane here.

    Have a great weekend!

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    Zerrin, this purslane salad looks so appetizing!!! yummie!! It looks like you made a twist on tzaziki, but more yummie!!

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    I adore anything with yoghurt (it’s one of my favourite foods) and I will have to find some purslane so that I can try this.

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    I’ve been pulling a ton of wild purslane (weeds) from my garden. I’ll have to give this a try with some of them.


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