Powerful Earthquake In Turkey


A 7.2-magnitude earthquake  struck Van, a province at southeast region of Turkey at 1:41pm today. The final reports have said that it killed at least 85 people, hundreds of injured people are being treated at hospitals and there are many people under collapsed buildings. It’s hard to find words to describe this pain! One of those wordless moments!

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  1. says

    I am so sorry to hear about the earthquake. My pray goes for all the victims and everybody who lost famillies and homes. May God gives them a lot of strengths, courages, and hopes. I hope you and all your familly are save and ok.

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      Thank you Maurina! We are away from the earthquake area, but it’s so painful to hear about those victims. The worst is a very cold Winter is very close and Van is one of the coldest cities of Turkey. Transportation becomes a real problem and people stuck where they live when it snows there.

  2. says

    Dear Friend,

    Yesterday when I hear the news my first thoughts where for you. It’s glad to know you are doing fine and hope your family is doing fine as well.

    My prayers today are for the victims and their families.

    Take care,


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      Thanks so much Mely, unfortunately the only thing we can do for the victims and their families is to pray. I can’t keep worrying about kids there. It’s getting colder here and tents will not be safe for them soon.

  3. says

    Very sad! I have always wanted to make the trip over there at some point, but haven’t been able to for various reasons. My grandparents were originally from Van.

  4. Gloria in Western Canada says

    I immediately thought of you and am glad to hear you are okay. Let’s hope and pray for some warm weather and that there are no further casualties.

  5. says

    I thought of you as soon as I heard about the earthquake. I am relieved you are safe, but so saddened for the families who lost loved ones.

    • says

      We are all saddened! Hope there won’t be such a disaster again in any part of the world!

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