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If you are following my blog for some time, you know how much I love breakfast. Breakfast means a happy start for me. But what do I call as breakfast? Absolutely not a bowl of cereals! That could be a perfect snack for me, not more than this. The word breakfast suggests mainly the fascinating smell of Turkish black tea spreading into the kitchen. There there must be various cheese, black and green olives, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, various jams, a few sprigs of fresh herbs like dill, mint, parsley or arugula and egg (either boiled or fried) on a breakfast table.

These are the main foods at a typical Turkish breakfast and I do love them all. However, as I’m working during weekdays, I don’t have time to have such a big and complete breakfast in the mornings. I have simply a toasted sandwich just before leaving home. That’s one of the reasons why I love Sundays, I have hours to have a big, appealing breakfast. Believe or not, I count the days until Sunday with the dream of a complete breakfast. For me, preparing breakfast is as heart warming as having breakfast. To make that breakfast more special, we love to make something special for that morning. This potato omelette is one of the dishes we make specially for Sunday mornings. In fact, this omelette has a different meaning for me. I used to make it so often when I was a university student away from parents and living alone. It wasn’t a breakfast though. As I didn’t know many recipes and as I found it so easy to prepare, I used to have it as a lunch or dinner after coming from school. You see how things might change? This tasty omelette became one of my favorite breakfast foods. I no longer have it as a lunch or dinner as I can make lots of different dishes instead. It’s up to you when you have this omelette, but I’m sure you will love it. And a fresh salad goes very well with it.

Potato Omelette | giverecipe.com

I used a copper pan to make this omelette, but if you don’t have it, you can use a non stick pan instead. Copper pans are associated with omelettes in Turkish cuisine, so it’s our first choice if we make an egg dish.

Patatesli Omlet
Ingredients (serving:2)
–    1 large potato, chopped in small and thin cubes
–    ¼ cup of cheese of your choice, crumbled or grated
–    3 eggs
–    A few sprigs of fresh dill, minced
–    Salt
–    Black pepper
–    Cumin
–    Red pepper flakes
–    1 tbsp butter
–    ½ tbsp olive oil

Melt the butter in a copper pan, add olive oil and fry the potatoes in it on medium heat. Make sure that the inner sides of the pan is also oiled. This will make it easy to transfer it on a plate when cooked. While they are frying, break the eggs in a bowl and beat them very well. Add salt and spices in it with minced dill and mix well. Stir the potatoes occasionally. And do use a wooden spoon for this not to damage the pan.

When potatoes are fried, lower the heat and add cheese on them ( I used yellow cheese, which is called kasar peyniri in Turkish). Stir a few times and without waiting long, pour the egg mixture. Do not stir it after adding the beaten egg in it. Just make some small touches in the center and around the omelette with your wooden spoon to give enough space for the egg mixture to reach the heat. Do not overcook it, it will be ready in 2 minutes.

You can serve it as it is in the pan or on a plate with a herb on the top.

Potato Omelette | giverecipe.com


  1. OysterCulture says

    I love the look of your omelette – it looks like the perfect meal be it breakfast lunch or dinner. I know you say cheese of your choice, but what would a typical cheese be for you, I know you named it but what kind of milk? Goat would be good to my way of thinking. I also love the idea of dill – I need to use it more often, don’t know why I do not use it more.

  2. says

    Zerrin breakfast is the most important meal of the day and to begin with this omelette is super.
    Now I’m very hungry with it…nearer to dinner.
    Some little cubes of ham can fit yummy to this recipe too :)



  3. says

    I love this breakfast. You are absolutely right, there are better breakfast ideas than cereals. Your first paragraph would be an ideal breakfast for me. It’s not a typical breakfast for us but that sounds really good. :)

  4. says

    Mmm… the potato omelette looks so good! I miss having hearty delicious breakfasts the way we had them back in Ukraine! Now, I usually grab a cereal bar and pancakes/waffles are a rare weekend treat.

  5. Soma says

    Real cute idea, and I love the way the potatoes look out there. i am going to post a similar eggs in the skillet soon 😉 we had it for brunch this weekend..

  6. cuisinetouria says

    salam zerrin
    hmmmmm I like both potato & eggs It sounds so delicious
    Thanks for sharing

  7. says

    I would love to wake up and have a delicious breakfast like this! That looks wonderful – hearty and wholesome!

  8. says

    What a gorgeous omelet! I love the dill in it, I bet it gives a fantastic flavor. I enjoyed reading about a traditional Turkish breakfast, it sounds incredible!

  9. says

    What a grand omelette!
    That’s a bit unusal with the potato in it but it looks so lovely!!!

  10. says

    Oh wow – love that omelette (no real surprise there of course :) ) Most often, when I make potato omelettes, I make them Spanish tortilla style, which are fabulous but quite time consuming to make. I should give your version a go for a change sometime. Love the picture of the pan too, looks beautiful.

  11. Kedito says

    Firstly,i want to thank you cause of warnings about using wooden spoon.Non-stick pans are easily damaged.Especially teflon ones are important because it has many chemicals to provide non-stick effect,resistance to high temperature,etc.If you damage surface of it,chemicals migrate into foods and then into your stomach.So as a candidate of a food engineer i celebrate you!:)
    Secondly,what a good picture it is!I smell scent of it!
    Finally help me about waiting the morning,i’m starving because of you!!!

  12. Erkin says

    If you have drunk a bit over the limit, the best thing that’ll make you fell better in the morning is surely a huge breakfast. And for the breakfast, this recipe doubtlessly will make it the best. Thank you.

  13. says

    Zerrin, I am not a big fan of breakfasts in general, unless it is Turkish breakfast:) Turkish breakfast is so diverse, so colorful and so healthy. When I am not lazy, I prepare one for the family:) Your potato omlette looks very good. Ellerine saglik!

  14. says

    First, sorry for being late to respond your comments. I was so busy with school works, so I didn’t have enough time. Now I can pass to individual responses.

    Gera- Ham sounds like a great idea to add.

    Divina- Many people from different countries say that a typical Turkish breakfast is like their lunch. But I do love it and can’t wait for it.

    Jessie- Thank you.

    Oyster- In this omelette, I used yellow cheese(kasar peyniri), which is made of cow milk. It melts so easily on fire. So you can use a kind of cheese which is easily melted. But still, I think any cheese would be great in this omelette.

    Natasha- There is nothing better than a delicious big breakfast.

    Penny- Thank you! Eggs are always my number one in a breakfast.

    Soma- I saw your tasty brunch in your blog. It looks perfect! I sometimes make mushroom omelette but never used potatoes and mushrooms together. Thanks for the idea.

    Erica- Breakfast is always a good start and if it includes omelette it is even the best.

    Touria- I think eggs make everything so delicious, we can mix them with any vegetable.

    Reeni- If someone makes this omelette for you and if its smell makes you wake up, you are the happiest one. My dad used to make it for us and deliberately open our room’s door to let the smell in. My brother and I wouldn’t resist to get up then.

    Faith- I love fresh dill and try to use it more often in my recipes as I learnt that it includes a lot more calsium than milk.

    Sophie- You know how much I love eggs, so I often mix it with different veggies to make omelette. This one is my favorite.

    Daily Spud- Never tried spanish tortilla before. I’m sure it’s tasty and serves to our eyes if you make it. This one is so easy to make, so if you don’t have time, make this one. I love that copper pan as it’s better than non stick pans.

    Lisa- All these ingredients turn into something different together when mixed with eggs. I love this combination.

    Kedito- Thanks for your comment here. And of course thank you for giving that info on non stick pans. To hear these from a future food engineer makes me even happier as I have some friends who still don’t believe the harms of non stick pans when damaged. And if I were you, I wouldn’t wait for the morning. Just kidding! Of course, we shouldn’t eat such dishes at nights.

    Erkin- For me, breakfast always makes you feel better. But unfortunately, we can have big breakfast just at the weekends.

    Farida- As you said, Turkish breakfast includes a variety of foods from fruits and vegetables to meat. A wonderful start! There may be some changes in different regions of Turkey. And I will share them here in the future.

  15. says

    This looks really appealing so I will make one weekends for brunch using tofu and I will highlight it on the blog and link back to your post so that people would see the recipe. This is stunning. I was so busy these days and I trying to read all the blogs I follow. I have a lot of catching up to do on your blog.I love breakfast big breakfasts with savoury dishes and a sweet pancake to follow.

  16. says

    Zerrin, yes, Turkish breakfast is so rich in variety, there is no way someone cannot like it. Especially, my husband has to have a big breakfast on the weekends and of course I enjoy it too. Potato omlette is one of our favorites to have on the breakfast table.

  17. says

    One of my favourite breakfasts is a Spanish Tortilla. Basically a potato omelette.

    Your omelette looks delicious. I’m imagining the dill with the potatoes. YUM!

  18. says

    Mm! I love omelettes, I’ll add this one to my omelette collection :) and I’m so with you about those long Sunday morning meals! hey, I think my grandmother does have a copper pan by the way…


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