Pistachio Helps Losing Weight

Pistachio Helps Losing Weight | giverecipe.com

Good news! Scientists at California University made a survey and found out that pistachio, which has high nutritional values, helps losing weight.

In the survey conducted,  52 overweight people who were on diet were given pistachios with 240 calories and another group of people were given savory biscuits with 220 calories between meals. After 12 weeks, at the end of the survey, it was found that the group who ate pistachios reached the target weight in that time. Also, triglyceride level  of the same group is lower.

You won’t feel guilty any more when snacking on pistachio, but if losing weight is your target, you should know your limit! If you prefer buying them in shells, you will eat less. You know it requires some effort when compared to eating shelled ones.


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    Hi Zerrin, a day after I posted my pistachio macarons recipe on my blog, you have this on yours. and this interesting article about pistachio makes me love pistachio even more. Thanks a lot.

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