Persimmon Warms You Up

Persimmon Warms You Up |

Persimmon is one of the best fruit you should have in Winter. As it contains fat, protein and carbohydrate, it balances body temperature and protects you from cold.

Average human body temperature is 36 degrees Celcius and you feel cold when this temperature lowers. So it is important to have a balanced body temperature in Winter. What you eat has a significant role in body temperature. If you don’t eat enough fat, protein and carbohydrate, your body temperature drops down and you start to feel cold. It is necessary for a person with 80 kilo weight to get 80g protein, 80g fat and 384g carbohydrate daily. When you have necessary amount of these, your body has enough energy and you don’t feel cold. And persimmon is one of the best foods to help you have these! Besides, it supports treatments of heart diseases and disorders of digestive system and strengthens immune system.

Although it is grown in several areas, persimmon is an underrated fruit in Turkey. People should be more aware of these benefits!

To make persimmon more attractive for you and for your kids, check out this very easy dessert, Persimmon Puree, The Saver!


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