Peach Kiwi Watermelon Pops

Peach Kiwi Watermelon Pops | | #pops #popsicles #summerrecipes #watermelon #peach

Would you like to cool off with these Peach Kiwi Watermelon Pops this summer? These pops are made with fresh summer fruit puree. Look at these colors! Don’t you think they are wonderfully vibrant, which makes them very appealing?

Peach Kiwi Watermelon Pops | | #pops #popsicles #summerrecipes #watermelon #peach

No food coloring in these homemade pops! What you see here are the colors from nature. Why do we need to use artificial colors when nature always gives us the best colors? You can use whatever fruit you like to make summer pops, but I do love these peach kiwi watermelon pops.

Peach Kiwi Watermelon Pops | | #pops #popsicles #summerrecipes #watermelon #peach

I didn’t add any sugar since the fruit are sweet enough. If you like sweeter pops, just taste the fruit puree and decide. Add sugar or honey if you desire.

These Peach Kiwi Watermelon Pops are so simple to make and you don’t need any special devices. You just need small plastic cups and some sticks.

Isn’t it lovely how there are colorful layers in these pops? How are they layered that nice? Any ideas? Freeze the layers separately and they don’t mix up. I made these overnight and we enjoyed the next day. I recommend you the same thing. Otherwise, you may not resist.

If you are planning to make homemade frozen treats this summer, you should try these vibrant colored pops! If you are looking for a good homemade fruity ice cream, then you should check out my Homemade Creamy Lemon Ice Cream!

Peach Kiwi Watermelon Pops | | #pops #popsicles #summerrecipes #watermelon #peach

Peach Kiwi Watermelon Pops
Prep time
Total time
Perfect fruity frozen summer treats!
Serves: 4
  • 3 kiwi fruit, peeled
  • 4 peaches, peeled
  • 6 oz watermelon, peeled
  1. Puree the fruit sparately in the blender, cleaning it each time.
  2. Share first the pureed watermelon into small plastic cups and freeze for an hour.
  3. Add kiwi puree and freeze 20 minutes. Insert the stick in the middle and freeze at least 2 hours.
  4. Add the watermelon puree and freeze overnight.


  1. says

    Frozen treats are exactly what I want in the heat of summer! These are so pretty, and I love that they’re made from only fruit and no sugar.

  2. says

    Beautiful, refreshing and delicious Zerrin! I love the combination of fruit you used and that you can see all the layers!


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