Our Favorite Doner Kebab

#Doner #Kebab

Everyone loves Doner Kebab! It is one of the best fast foods ever! It’s an unforgettable delight for people visiting Turkey and they miss it a lot when they go back home!

You can see doner restaurants everywhere around the country and it has varieties. Some make it with veggies, some make it plain. Some roast it over wood fire, some use coal fire. Some make it with a mixture of ground beef and lamb, some use just lamb, which is our favorite! Among all these kinds of doner, you might think that it is hard to choose one. I recommend you to taste each every time you’re hungry! 

Well, I do love to make things at home, but doner is an exception. It is so good at restaurants and I’m afraid I can’t reach their greatness at home!

We have a small doner restaurant 2 streets away from our home and their doner is just addictive! When we work hard on cooking something for GiveRecipe and taking its pictures, we might forget to cook our lunch! I think we sometimes do it deliberately since we know where to have good lunch!

#Doner #Kebab

This doner restaurant is not a very famous one and it is not a chain restaurant, just a small local one, which makes it so special! It has its own fans though and you should be prepared to wait in line during lunch time.

Their service is so simple, a generous amount of roasted lamb on a plate is accompanied with a plate of simply chopped onion and tomato and parsley sprigs, which are not even chopped. No special dressing! No salt, no olive oil, no lemon, nothing on it! Believe me it’s so tasty though! Could it be because of lamb? They don’t serve it in lavash or half bread unlike other restaurants. They serve pita with it, but we love to dig in that roasted and sliced lamb pieces with fork! You can pair these with your favorite drinks; my choice is always ayran, the best yogurt drink and Yusuf’s is hot salgam, a kind of turnip juice.

#Doner #Kebab

We just clean our plates every time we eat there, we can’t waste even the smallest piece of this doner kebab, would you?

#Doner #Kebab



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    Yes I am a massive döner kebab lover! I so miss it here in India. They so have fast food kebab but it’s not the same. The türkish way is much better!! =)

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    Nob, not in my case. I would never get bored eating shawarma every day, that’s what we call it in arabic. I like it in pita as a sandwich, with sides of multi colored salads and pickles, yum…

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    Love Doner….I just came back from Izmir visiting my husband’s family and i think we went out for Doner every other night….at this place called Konyali in Hatay Bahcelievler Izmir…so yummy.

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