Organic Strawberry Production

Organic Strawberry Production |

A new field set up in Yumurtalik, Adana to produce organic strawberries.

Turkish Ministry of Agriculture has run a project to spread organic agriculture around the country and organic strawberry production will start in a new field in Yumurtalik, Adana as a part of this project. It is reported that a 10000-square meter area is reserved in a village of Yumurtalik to produce organic strawberries. It is expected that farmers living in this city will take this project as a model and they will start organic farming in their fields in the future.


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    We’ve got some organic farms in Fethiye too. They’re given special stalls on the market so customers know what they’re buying. We have dedicated strawberry stalls too – grown in Fethiye – but I’m not sure if they’re organic. I’ll have to try and find out.


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