Onion In Danger

Onion In Danger | giverecipe.com

One of the biggest agriculture regions in Turkey is Cukurova, South of Turkey. Onion harvest has started there, but farmers are unhappy as lots of their products have gone bad because of April rains. This results in low onion price. It goes down to 50 kurus (about 30 cents) and it is reported that tradesmen put stored onions on the market and this lowers the opportunity of farmers to sell their products.

Onion was said to be the champion of price increase among vegetables last year. However, it is not that lucky this year. Producers were planning to harvest their products earlier to earn more this year, but they are having difficulty these days because of the effects of April rains and because market dealers put onions at storage on the market.

This low price of it looks good just for customers, but I hope we don’t have difficulty in finding it soon.

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