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From Olive To Olive Oil

Can you believe that olive oil is produced from these little green fruits? They are as hard as stone, right? As a child I couldn’t understand how this stone like fruit become liquid? My grandparents had olive yard and all family members would work during the harvest. There were so many olive trees and it was like an endless job to pick all olives from these trees. I can’t remember how long it lasted, but it was definitely worth! Some were pickled and the rest was taken to an olive oil factory. Dad took me to the factory once to help me understand how olive oil is produced. I was absolutely amazed by the system there! I saw that it completed a lot of stages to reach the final result. Finally, olive oil started to drip into large buckets from the tap of a barrel like machine, which was the part I was impressed by. I thought “it must take ages to have a small bottle of olive oil after all these drops!” It was no way a simple work!

When we finally had our olives transformed into olive oil, I knew that grandma had already made bazlama, a countryside bread. We all loved to eat bazlama bread dipping into fresh olive oil. I can’t compare its taste to any other foods I’ve had in my life. It was unique! Fresh bread with fresh olive oil! It became even more adorable after witnessing all of the process from yard to factory. I felt the flavor of olives and all invaluable labor were intermingled and –that’s why the final taste was so impressive.

The western and southern parts of Turkey are famous for its olives. The kinds of olive in two regions might vary, but they are both tasty. And it is always better to buy olive oil from a small business owner or from villagers. They taste a lot better than the market version, same for everything!

Olive oil is one of the best gifts given us by nature when we consider all health benefits it offers.You know, it is the most recommended oil by doctors. I hardly ever use other kinds of oil. What about you?

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