Not From A Movie

Not From A Movie |

I know this is a food blog and it must be dealing with food related topics, but this will be an exception today. Noone can ignore the deadly disaster in Japan! Turkey is thousands of miles away from Japan, but I share people’s woe there. I’ve watched several videos on TV; gigantic waves were sweeping everything cruelly! There occured fires continuing even in water. Then it is reported that there is a risk of radiation leaks at a nuclear power plant.  Each time I see how devastating it was, I repeat “This is not a scene from a movie! Not from a movie! Pure reality!

Although Japenese people look so cautious against earthquake, they are helpless against tsunami.  I can’t imagine how they are in panic now!

No more words to explain my feelings. I’m so sorry for people in Japan.

Hope things don’t get worse!


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