New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions |

We were away for a few days to welcome the new year with mom II (hubby’s mom). It was a great night full of resolutions! Mine were as follows -not in a particular order:

1)    I will try to save more time for my blog.
2)    I will prepare a list before grocery shopping.
3)    I will try not to eat until I take a few photos of the food when I visit a new place.
4)    I will try to be a better driver. I started driving in 2011 and I absolutely need to improve it.
5)    I will start swimming in the pool once or twice a week.
6)    I will try not to bring work to home, I will try to finish it at school.
7)    I will not postpone emptying the dishwasher!
8)    I will not stay in front of computer screen for a long time, I must have breaks more often.
9)    I will go to the ticket office at the beginning of each month so that I can find tickets for the plays.

Quite a lot, right? Hope I can achieve all these!

The picture above was taken on our way back. Although it is normally very cold and snowy in winter here, we haven’t experienced such kind of a weather yet. That’s why it was exciting for us to see this snowy landscape. Perfect for the start of the new year!

New Year Resolutions | giverecipe.comIt was my first experience of a long distance driving, so this was another exciting part of my journey. Thanks a million to hubby as he is the best driving teacher for me! I got my driving licence years ago, but I wasn’t an active driver. He started to teach me how to drive in June and I believe I’ve made a great progress since then! My husband and I drove in turn; I was the driver for the first 2 hours and the last 1 hour of our journey, which lasted 7 hours of driving in total.


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      It looks lovely, doesn’t it? I don’t know why but when there is snow, I fell more hopeful for the new year!

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    Happy New Year! I love the snowy picture. I also need to become a better driver but my husband always drives on long journeys – I don’t think he trusts me!

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    Good for you! My sister didn’t learn to drive until she was in her 40s, and she still won’t do left turns or drive on the highway. That’s a great accomplishment.

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