New Year Happiness

january 2013 |

New year is on the corner and everyone has new hopes for the coming year. There is a feeling among people that things will change and get better when the new year starts. Everyone is so excited and full of expectations!

We walked around the city center today and I witnessed the joy pervading in the city. People were walking hurriedly here and there, all shops were full of customers so shop keepers couldn’t be happier! It wasn’t surprising that there was a queue in front of lottery ticket sellers. The jackpot this year is around 25 million dollars! It’s said on TV that lottery tickets for the new year night is about to end and people don’t want to miss the chance of hitting the jackpot and becoming rich. Well, I’m the realistic one in the family, so Yusuf bought a ticket and just as we were about to leave, he turned back and bought another to double his chance!

As we were walking home, we imagined what we would do if we had that much money. Would we buy a luxurious villa? Travel around the world? Travel to space? Quit our jobs? Open a cafe bookshop? Working just for fun? Supporting lots of students for their education expenses? What about setting up a farm, where we can grow our fruit and vegetables, cows, goats and hens? You know it’s hard to trust foods we buy these days, there are lots of controversial issues on food, so it would be the best thing to grow food yourself! I can’t imagine the excitement of picking fresh eggs from henhouse and making an omelette with butter made from our cows’ milk! I could even add our goats’ cheese in this super tasty omelette! Did I tell you that I’m realistic? Lol!

So what would you do if you hit the jackpot? Would love to hear your dreams! You can share them in the comments part!

And here is a small gift from me, the first month of 2013 with a picture from GiveRecipe!


january2013 |


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