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partnered with ziplist

I’m so excited to announce 2 new features on GiveRecipe! You know it’s sometimes hard and boring to save your favorite recipes into a folder on your computer. Hundreds if not thousands of recipes on a word page is not practical! You might forget the website of those recipes and you can’t turn back to that website when you need. Bookmarking the link on your computer sounds easier, but is not a good idea because there will be too many links on your PC, which will cause it to slow down. I have a great solution for this! Wouldn’t it be great to have a personal Recipe Box in which you can save as many recipes as you like?

Have you heard of the company called Ziplist? I am now partnered with Ziplist and happy to announce you that with the help of this company, GiveRecipe has a feature of Recipe Box!

partnered with ziplist

See the blue ‘Save’ button above? You can now easily save your favorite recipes both from GiveRecipe and from other websites like Martha Stewart, Simply Recipes and Kalyn’s Kitchen in your personal Recipe Box! All of your favorite recipes will be in that one practical box and you don’t have to visit each website one by one to find your favorite recipes any longer!

partnered with ziplist

You can also access your recipe box from the “Recipe Box” next to Recipes in the red navigation bar on top of each page on this blog. See it in the Picture above! You can easily check what recipes you’ve added in your box by clicking on that button!

What’s more, you can even add the ingredients in a recipe to your online shopping list with this feature! You just need to click on “Add to shopping list” link next to the recipe ingredients on a recipe page. And you can check out what you already have in your list by clicking on “My List” button in the drop down menu of “My Recipe Box” button. Also, you can be informed about the deals at markets nearby with the help of Ziplist! Just click on the “Deals” button in the same drop down menu and you will be directed to Deals page.

Don’t you have a Ziplist account? Visit their website, and create one to use this incredibly practical and user friendly recipe features! Apart from my blog, you can access your recipe box and shopping list from any website in a partnership with Ziplist.


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