My Surprising Remedy

My Surprising Remedy |

I’ve seen rose mallows in many gardens nearby, but I thought they were just ordinary beautiful flowers with no distinctive scent. I found them so ordinary that I would even ignore them. Only when mom II sent me a bag of dried rose mallows, did I realize its importance. As a teacher, I often complain about an irritation in my throat. Although I always have a bottle of water with me to keep drinking during class, I have that problem mostly at the end of the day. Knowing this, mom II sent me these dried rose mallows, which she herself dried, telling me to boil a few of them a couple of minutes and drink its tea. She said that rose mallow tea is a remedy for throat problems and cough. I will absoultely try it. However, I love their wrinkled texture so much that I can’t decide whether to use them as a decoration in my home or to drink!

You may have talked about edible flowers several times, how about flower tea? Do you know any other flowers that we can make tea from?


  1. Kate @ says

    That’s really interesting – thanks for sharing!

  2. says

    I didn’t know you were a teacher, too! What subjects and what grades? Yes – many herbs work for many ailments and drink it. I cannot wait to hear what you think!

    • says

      I am an English teacher at an English prep school of a university. So I’m teaching to students at the age of 19+. I drank the tea yesterday evening and I feel better today. I guess it works.

  3. says

    Those are so pretty, I’d want to keep them for decoration too! Hope the remedy helps with your throat. Another dried flower that I like for tea is hibiscus. There’s one variety that’s edible, and it’s lovely mixed with mint for tea.

  4. says

    This is a lovely blog. I so agree with your philosophy about life and food. Thank you for sharing this natural remedy. I love tea made from dried hibiscus flowers but I don’t know if it has any curative powers other than as a diuretic.
    See you around the Buzz!

    • says

      I know that rosehip and orange bergamot help flu or cold treatment, but I didn’t know they also work for throat problems.


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