My Little Garlic Grater

my little #garlic #grater

This little grater is one of the gadgets I use quite often in the kitchen. “So what?” you might ask.

I thought it would be nice to share things from my kitchen with you from time to time. Some of them might be familiar to you, some might be new. I just want you to have a closer eye to the products I use when cooking.

This grater is sold as a refrigerator magnet, but it’s quite functional, so why not use it for a real purpose in the kitchen? I’ve been using it for almost 5 years now and it’s not on our refrigerator any more since the magnet on its back has already become detached.

How has this cute grater become one of my favorite gadgets? With my love of garlic, I guess. I use garlic in my cooking almost everyday. I either use it in soups like tarhana, a Turkish dried soup or in cacik, a fresh mezze with yogurt and cucumber. I sometimes prepare garlicky yogurt sauce for some dishes like Turkish dumplings manti too! So I need this grater when making all these. It’s very easy to grate garlic with it and cleaning is not a problem at all!

my little #garlic #grater

Although I mostly use it for garlic grating, I also grate fresh ginger or lemon zest when cooking and baking. I’ve discovered that the flavor of ginger becomes so remarkable when grated. The size of grated lemon zest is just how I like it; I love to add it into cake or cookie batter or sometimes I love to top muffins or cakes with it.

This grater is like my little assistant in the kitchen! Although it is so little and simple, it is definitely priceless for me!

What is the smallest gadget you love to use in your kitchen? I’d love to learn it. Please share it in comments section!


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