Must Learn Homemade Pizza

Must Learn Homemade Pizza |

Who can say no to a colorful and tempting pizza? Well, I am not a fan of pizza, but my husband is. I haven’t been using white flour for baking for more than a year now and you know pizza restaurants compete with each other on this. They know white is always more attractive for ordinary costumers, sorry not for me! White pizza dough affects sugar level in blood as badly as sugar does.  Also, I find the tomato sauce they use suspicious; it might include additives, which I don’t want in my food.

Well, this is not a homemade pizza, but it inspires me to make homemade pizza. You know I love to make things at home, homemade versions are always more tasty for me.

I agree this pizza, which was eaten by my husband and a friend, looks really good especially with beef cubes on it. However, I promise to learn how to make my own pizza at home looking as good as this one soon! I wonder how my homemade pizza will look and taste! Hope I can be successful!


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    You might want to check out my article on home-made pizza then :) Aside from a bit of self-promotion, the discussion that followed it turned out quite interesting – apparently every Italian has developed their own ways to make pizza at home.


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