Mushroom Stuffed with Cheese Recipe

Mushroom Stuffed with Cheese

As I told you in my previous recipe, this is a kind of side dish that you can serve with chicken in hot pot. You can find that recipe by searching in my archive. What you should do is just putting a few mushrooms aside while cooking it with chicken.

Kasar Peynirli Mantar


•    A few mushrooms (depends on servings)
•    Yellow cheese, sliced

Just remove the roots of mushrooms and place a slice of yellow cheese inside it (If you like you may add a pinch of salt).

Then place these mushrooms again in a small hot pot or ovensafe bowl and put it in the oven (preheated to 200C/392F) near the chicken in hot pots. And cook them until the cheese melts. This way, they will be cooked at the same time, so you may serve them together.

You can also serve these pretty mushrooms as an appetizer or at breakfast.

Mushroom Stuffed with Cheese


  1. says

    Dear Zerrin!
    Greetings from Shizuoka, japan!
    Thank you so much for visiting and comneting!
    Mushrooms are extremely polpular in Japa! Actually they grow an incrdible amount of varieties! I will run a post on them soon!
    Recipes are practically endless, but cheese goes well with them!

  2. says

    Thanks for your comment Robert. Looking forward to learn more about various mushrooms there.

  3. says

    Teşekkürler Özgül Hanım. Sitenizdeki leziz tarifler için sizin de ellerinize sağlık.

  4. says

    Hi Zerrin,
    Mushrooms having been on my table more often these days and I must try this recipe. Mushroom and cheese: two great things!

  5. says

    Natasha- You’re right, mushroom and cheese are one of those best couples. The best compliment to this couple would be to eat them! :)

  6. says

    Hi Zerrin,
    Mushrooms and cheese are one of my favourite combinations. I make this dish regularly to serve as an appetiser with drinks, but use a creamy blue cheese like Gorgonzola.


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