Sweet Mulberry and Chocolate Tart

#Mulberry and #Chocolate #Tart

Who doesn’t like chocolate tart? How about making it with berries? Black mulberries are in season here and I think they make a perfect match with anything based on chocolate! These mulberries are not too sweet, so they balance the flavor of chocolate perfectly. Mulberries are in two colors here, white and purple. I don’t know why but purple one is called black mulberries. Anyway, I love the color combination of mulberries and chocolate too! If you can’t find black mulberries in your area, you can use other berries like blueberries or blackberries to have a similar color combination on your chocolate tart or you can just go with red cranberries, strawberries or raspberries. It’s totally up to your taste!

#Mulberry and #Chocolate #Tart

Don’t you think this mulberry and chocolate tart is even a perfect treat to celebrate Mother’s Day? If you haven’t decided what to do or buy for your mom yet, you can make this chocolate tart for her and serve with her favorite drink. Mother’s Day doesn’t mean buying very pricy gifts, right? I think making something yourself is always more valuable than very expensive jewelry. I’m sure all moms will agree with this!

#Mulberry and #Chocolate #Tart

You know what? I went to hospital this morning and my doctor told me that birth was very close. He is expecting the birth next week! I’m already on my 38th week of my pregnancy! I can’t believe how time flows so fast! There are just days now to count down! I will become a mom a few days after Mother’s Day! We will become a family with three members within some days, so exciting!

#Mulberry and #Chocolate #Tart

Don’t you think chocolate tart is a great treat to celebrate this mind-blowing news too?

#Mulberry and #Chocolate #Tart

Since it’s getting hotter here, I suggest chilling the tart in refrigerator before serving. You can even serve it with a dollop of vanilla ice cream if you like a more refreshing dessert.

#Mulberry and #Chocolate #Tart

I love to dip berries into the chocolate topping, so I prefer serving it with some extra berries.

#Mulberry and #Chocolate #Tart

Do you remember my Strawberry Pie with Vanilla Pudding? I used the same dough for this tart. To learn the rest of the recipe, please visit yummly and see my guest post, Sweet Mulberry and Chocolate Tarts there!


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    Happy Mom’s Day. Maybe you will have your little one on actually mothers day. It looks like you have been nesting with all of your baking. These chocolate tarts with mulberries have hit my chocolate craving at an all time high. I love the little tart berries with the sweet chocolate. Take care of yourself and wishing you an easy delivery and a very healthy baby!!!

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      Hi Bam! Thanks for your good wishes! My doctor is expecting our baby within 3 days! So close! Can’t wait to have him in my arms!

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    Gorgeous tartletes! I wish I could find mulberries here… An intriguing fruit.




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