Mini Lahmacun And Pide

Mini Lahmacun And Pide |

Here are warm appetizers we were served at the Adana kebab restaurant we went with our friends during the Feast of Sacrifice break: Mini lahmacun and mini pide stuffed with cheese. I must admit we didn’t expect these, so these were the hit for us!
Mini lahmacun has a special name indeed, we call it findik (nut in Turkish) lahmacun to emphasize its mini size. Findik could function as an adjective to describe very small things. Regular lahmacun is much bigger and thinner than this, this version is only made in this region of Turkey. These mini lahmacuns could be eaten even at breakfast. As these are so small, you cn’t stop eating once you taste. Also, it’s not as crispy as the bigger one. You can find the recipe for findik lahmacun here and the recipe for pide is here.

Mini Lahmacun And Pide | giverecipe.comThey serve them one on another, as you see above. Aren’t they so cute together? We ate each just in two bites!

Mini Lahmacun And Pide | giverecipe.comThere is a special way of eating this mini lahmacun. Put a few parsley sprigs in the middle, fold it, squeeze lemon on it and throw into your mouth! That was perfectness!

Stay tuned for other mezzes on the table!


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    Is that on an English Muffin? Great idea to lock those flavors into all the “nooks and crannies.” I make minis on small tortillas sometimes and have also peeled apart layers of biscuit dough to bake minis, but haven’t tried the English Muffins. :)


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