Loves Me Loves Me Not

Loves Me Loves Me Not |

Who doesn’t like daisies?  They are like the most naive member of flower family, and they are not as attractive as flowers like rose, tulip,orchid or lilium or any bouquet of flowers from FTD. They are not as expensive, either, but they are the flowers who have a word about your love. You know “loves me, loves me not” thing. Isn’t it funny?

Also daisies are wild flowers, they themselves grow and they don’t need care. What is more, daisies have several health benefits.

Daisies are picked and dried in summer to be brewed as tea. Wait a few daisy flowers in boiling water for about 5 minutes and take them out. Drink it hot.

Daisy has curative effects on rheumatism, gastritis and inflammation. It helps overcoming stress and calms you down. Also, it helps sore throat treatment when you gargle with its cold tea.

Don’t you think it’s time to go pick daisies and dry them this summer?


  1. merve özcan says

    i agree with you that dried daisies are so beneficial in many ways. in addition to your considerable and practical suggestions i must add a suggestion, too. your statements reminded me a movie named ‘he loves me he loves me not’ played by audrey tautou. it is very summarizing and suprising story..

    • says

      Oh I completely forgot that movie! I watched it many years ago as a university student just like you. It is one of the most surprising movies I’ve ever watched. Everyone must see it! Thank you for reminding this lovely movie to me, I must absolutely watch it again.

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