Lamb Feast

Lamb Feast |

Lamb Barbecue On Marble

As it is the Feast of Sacrifice here, I must share one of the basic ways of cooking meat: Grilled lamb! Although it is the simplest method, it could be considered as everyone’s favorite. The method I’m going to share here has a difference though. We didn’t use a regular barbecue this time, we grilled the lamb chops on a piece of marble. It was dad’s brilliant idea! I had neither tried nor heard such a grilling method before! It was definitely fantastic! For one thing, marble helps meat keep its juice, so it doesn’t get dry. Also, lamb chops are not close to burning coal, which makes it healthier. You know when the juice or fat of meat falls on coal, it burns and its harmful steam touches meat, which is said to cause cancer. Another thing, it is a lot easier to clean the marble!

Lamb Feast |
Good chefs say that you don’t need to marinate the meat if it is fresh and organic. What the animal eats matters for the taste of its meat. If it lives in nature, not in a closed farm, the animal is active, which makes its meat more tasty. The sheep was organic, so we didn’t need any marinade and grilled the chops as they are. We just added salt and a little thyme. It was PERFECT!

What about you? Have you ever tried or heard this marble method?


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    Hi Zerrin,
    Good idea and also quite common in Germany today. I first saw this kind of barbecue in Switzerland about 20 years ago. Not outside on charcoal but in a restaurant. They call it “Grillen auf dem heissen Stein” witch means searing on a hot stone.
    Since I am a stonemason I wonder if your piece of marble will not crack if exposed to sudden heat. I would recommend 1) to heat the the stone on a small flame 2) to use soapstone or steatit, wich is quite resistant to cracking. The cracking comes from different extension of the material due to the different temperature zones on the flame. The “hot stone” in restaurants will be heatet in an oven, where you have even heat conditions.
    Any suggestions?

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