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If you already read my previous post, you know I had a great trip to Diyarbakir and enjoyed various tasty dishes there. We realized something in the city just when we took a taxi from the airport to the hotel we would stay. As you can guess, the airport was out of the city and we had to travel around the city to reach our hotel. What we realized was that there were many kadayif restaurants with different names in the city, so we got the idea that Diyarbakir is famous for its kadayif as well as its meat dishes.

kadayif | giverecipe.com

Kadayif is a Turkish dessert, its crust is made from long thin noodle threads and stuffed either with crumbled pistachio (the most preferred one) or with crumbled walnuts. It is also topped with pistachio or walnut.

Diyarbakir has its special kadayif and it is a bit different from regular Turkish kadayif. This one has a twisted shape unlike the square cut regular one, and that’s why it is called burma(twisted) kadayif. Also, it is less sweet, which makes you eat more. I’m not sure if this is something good!

If you don’t know what kadayif is or if you wonder how it is made, you can watch this video to get an idea.

kadayif | giverecipe.com

Among many kadayif restaurants, we chose Sıtkı Usta Kadayif&Kunefe Salonu, (check out their website here)! It is suggested by the waiters in a restaurant where we had our dinner. Then we learnt that they are the best in the city. Luckily it was very close to our hotel, so believe or not we went there every night for 4 days! You know I don’t eat sweet much, but my 7 friends enjoyed their dessert every night! They continually promised to go on a diet after returning home! We ordered kilos of kadayif to the hotel in the morning on the returning day to take with us to give our friends as a gift.


Besides kadayif, they also make kunefe, another Turkish dessert which is served hot. Its crust is similar to kadayif, and it has a melting unsalted cheese. They serve kunefe accompanied with vanilla ice cream. Still another dessert they serve is kadayif with milk (see it above). It is the same twisted kadayif, but its syrup contains milk, which is not very customary. The one without milk is much more popular and I guess twisted kadayif and kunefe are great rivals.

I don’t know if my friedns keep their promise about going on a diet here, but I’m sure they already miss this irresistible Turkish sweet and plan to go to Diyarbakir again soon!


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    wow this looks awsome!! would really like to try those! I didn’t try künefe or kadayif when I was in Izmir in the last summer, but went to a good turkish restaurant with the girls to a follow up meeting and fell in love with the künefe there. now I really want to try it in Turkey sometime! Maybe i get the chance this spring?
    I’m so jealous, it really looks fantastic!!

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      Hi Kathrin! You will get addicted when you try genuine kunefe in Turkey! Not all restaurants are good at it though. Try to find a restaurant serving dishes and kunefe from Antakya,Hatay, which is the most famous city with its kunefe. And you should try kadayif too!

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