Joy of Breakfast

Joy of Breakfast |

Have you ever witnessed a meal of people working outside such as laborers at a building construction or workers at a farm or field? I have seen them having their breakfast or lunch many times. Did I tell you before that I used to go to the field in grandparents’ village with a group of villagers in the very early morning to have breakfast with them there? They would hit the trail without having breakfast –maybe not to waste time. There were no cars, just a few donkeys, so it would take about an hour to reach their fields. They would start to work as soon as they arrived while the younger ones would start to prepare breakfast with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese (made by themselves) and a teapot over a wood fire. The best word to describe their breakfast preparation is simplicity. They wouldn’t have even plates, they would use large sunflower leaves instead! I remember trying to help them as a child and when all of them came together making a circle on the ground, I could feel their joy of deserving food after hard work. It was absolutely worth being with them and having breakfast with them.

These memories came to my mind when I saw a group of vendors at bazaar having breakfast. I could see the same joy on their faces. They neither care about plates or cutlery nor ask for beautiful tablecloth or napkins . They looked satisfied with what they had and they were generous enough to invite others to join them.

I must admit that I envied them despite all insufficiency on their table, which was not a real table, just a wooden vegetable container.


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