I have been far away from my hometown (Tarsus/Mersin) for ages and you can easily guess  what I miss the most (my parents are of course on the top of the list, so let’s say the second thing I miss). Right, special dishes of Tarsus, especially the ones made by mom, the best cook.

Whenever I start to think such things, I become a bit melancholic. Hopefully, I’ve found a way to lessen it. The flavors! You may ask how…  When I have the feeling of missing, I try to concentrate on the foods I had in my childhood, decide on one and cook. When I just have the first bite, I’m taken to my childhood home or a part of my hometown. Don’t ask how much I eat to stay there longer… Do you have such feelings? And what solutions did you find?

Today Hummus came out with this feeling. It has even a more special place in my memories. I used to ask mom to make Hummus very often and each time, she tried not to refuse it. But it wasn’t enough for me, so every weekend after my English course, I used to go to one of those restaurants which had just Hummus in their menu. And when I returned home, I had to eat what my mom cooked. I still wonder how I didn’t get fat those days.

Hummus is mostly made by the people living in the South part of Turkey. In fact, it is a common appetizer in the whole country, it’s very usual to see it near a glass of raki. But it’s more common in the South as a main dish or appetizer. If you want to learn this appetizing dish, go on reading.


•    2 cups chickpeas, soaked overnight
•    ½ cup tahini (sesame paste)
•    ½ cup water
•    2 lemons
•    4 cloves garlic, mashed
•    2 tsp cumin
•    2 tsp salt
•    2 tbsp olive oil
•    2 tsp red pepper or pepper paste
•    1 tsp sumac
•    A few leaves of parsley

Boil the chickpeas in a pot until they get soft. Put them in a food processor with ½ cup of that boiling water. Mix them until smooth. Then add tahini, lemon juice, garlic, salt and cumin. Mix again until they combine well. Then put some in a dish.

Now you’ll prepare its sauce. Put olive oil in a pan and when it heats, add red pepper or pepper paste and fry it for just one or two minutes.

Spread this sauce on Hummus with a spoon. Sprinkle sumac on it, put some parsley leaves and serve it with a piece of lemon. Any kind of pickles go very well with Hummus.

After dinner today I had to drink a bottle of mineral water to relax my stomach. Just imagine how much I ate!


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    Happy Valentines day Zerrin…I am taking cake decorating course here,so kind of addicted to baking and decorating.I was looking for a good hummus recipe..thanks..could u tell me what is Sumac?

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    I adore hummus and am delighted to see your recipe for it (and also to hear about the associations it has for you!). I’ve heard of Sumac but never tried it, I must see if I can get it here…

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    That looks great! I just made hummus last night for a starter before we pigged out. I love hummus (and Raki)and I remember in my single days or now whenever I am solo for the night hummus is usually my dinner. I feel bad i was going to post my recipe but I afraid it won’t live up to this 1! :)

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    I’m another lover of hummus….TASTY stuff that you just want to keep eating it. I can imagine how much you must have eaten if you needed to drink mineral water afterwards!! 😉

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    Kevin – Thanks for stopping by…

    Regina – How nice you know hummus and Raki! If you are solo for the night again, just visit us to have these two together :) Why don’t you post yours as well, I’m sure it’s wonderful as you are a lover of it.

    rowena – It’s too APPETIZING to have just one bowl…lol. I had to drink mineral water afterwards, but I didn’t regret eating so much hummus.

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    I used to love hummus until I developed a bit of an allergy to chickpeas but it doesn’t stop me from admiring this dish!

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    I love hummus also, but I haven’t had it with Sumac. I don’t know if I’d know where to find it around here, but it would certainly be worth a try.

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    This looks so very pretty! I actually made some hummus over the weekend, but mine did not turn out as marvelous as yours.

    Thanks on your comment on my sushi photos. If you’ve never had sushi, you should go get some right now: you’ll be hooked!

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    I adore hummus! it’s one of my favorite snack dips. Your hummus sounds really good though, great spices and flavors

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    Hummus is my favorite dip. I always ask mom to make hummus too when I visit Lebanon. Your photo is mouth-watering… Happy to discover your blog :)

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    Hi Zerrin – I’m English and live in Turunc, Turkey. I just love your recipes, my Turkish friends were very impressed with this hummus and also your meat borek. Thanks for sharing these.


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