How To Protect Heart

How To Protect Heart |

Eat almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts at least once a week and protect your heart! These are the best food to protect heart!

These nuts have a positive effect on health. If you have them 4 times a week, you will reduce the risk of heart diseases by 30-40%. Also, those who eat these nuts more often in certain amounts reduce the risk of diabetes. So doctors advise us to make almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts a vital part of our diet to protect heart.

So when should we eat these nuts? We can prefer having them as snacks instead of cookies, cakes, or biscuits especially 2 hours before lunch and dinner. This helps us not eat more than we need at these meals. Eating these right after meals makes their benefits reduce and even disappear when eaten with alcoholic drinks.

How much should we eat? Each of these nuts has health benefits with different features, so the best thing is to have similar amounts of each in a week. The ideal amount of nuts you should have in a day shouldn’t be more than 50g. Otherwise, you gain weight! So be careful with the amount!

Nuts can no way replace medicine for people with certain heart diseases, but they could be great supporters to protect heart!


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    You also have to watch how much you eat, because overeating can cause reactions. My husband was eating bags and bags of nuts and started breaking out in really bad skin rashes. His doctor talked with him and realized he was over doing the nuts. He still eats nuts, just not as much as before.

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