How To Eat More Fruits

How To Eat More Fruits |

Everyone knows the importance of fruits, but how many of us include it into their daily diet? Is it that hard to have a few portions of fruit a day? Here are some suggestions you can try to have more fruits a day.

Take your fruit to your workplace. You can put one or two apples or a banana in your bag.

You can also put some dried fruit in a plastic bag and carry it with you. It is easy to carry and snack on them. It also helps you not to get hungry easily. Whenever you crave for something sweet, just eat a few dried apricots or grapes or your favorite dried fruit. You can add walnuts or almonds in the same bag to make your snack even more nutritious!

When you can’t have enough fruit during day, eat one of your favorite fruits 2 hours after your dinner when you’re home.

You can make a great dessert by mixing yogurt with your favorite fresh or dried fruits and have it after dinner. You can even have it as breakfast in the morning. It is a great start for the day as yogurt and fruits help your digestion system.

You can prepare a fruit salad as a dessert if you don’t like yogurt with fruit.

Don’t try to find any more excuses after these suggestions, eat fruit!

Some healthy recipe suggestions for fruits are as follows:

 Black Mulberry Yogurt Parfait

Fresh Fruit Salad

Kaki (Persimmon) Puree, The Saver


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      Fruit with yogurt is one of my favorite desserts. As it is a healthy one, you can eat as much as you want!

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