How To Dry Lemon Zest

How To Dry Lemon Zest |

Dry lemon zest at home!

I LOVE the fragrance of lemon in any version! I remember the lemon trees in our garden in my hometown, they would bring you a great enthusiasm and fill you with complete happiness when they wore the blanket of scented white blossoms. If you have never seen a lemon tree and smelt its flowers, you’ve missed a lot!

Drying lemon zest could have a similar effect in your kitchen. It is very easy to dry lemon zest at home. When you squeeze lemon for a dish, don’t waste the zest. Put them aside on a plate and wait for 2-3 days. You will see they start to dry and to curve on edges. Put them in oven and cook at 100C until golden. and pound them in a mortar until powder or the size you like. Hubby made this lovely colored dried lemon zest and he left them in the size of crumbled nuts. He said he wanted to feel them in mouth so he didn’t pound it a lot.

What can you do with dried lemon zest?

It’s up to your imagination and creativity, but to share some ideas, here are his suggestions:

  • You can put a little in your herbal tea or fruit tea (check out our apple compote with lemon zest and cinnamon stick).
  • You can add it into your cakes, cookies or breads.
  • You can add some when boiling or ovenbaking chicken.
  • To have a surprise ingredient in your salad, sprinkle some dried lemon zest on it.
  • You can even prepare tasty salad dressings with these little cute yellow cubes.

Thanks to dokuzuncubulut for inspiration! Aslı Abla suggests using it in meat, chicken or fish marinade.


  1. says

    What a great tutorial! I’m eager to spend the day relaxing and cooking…this might just have to happen too! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Much love from Austin!

  2. says

    I love the fragrance of lemon blossoms–and lemon zest! The dried zest on top of a salad sounds fantastic. I have to try that.

  3. says

    I was just thinking about this. I have a dehydrator though, so I will probably use that instead of the oven. I told my husband we need to start making zest from lemon and orange peels.

  4. Rosita says

    So, the way you are doing it, you do not grate the lemon peel? You are just drying out half of lemon and then crushing? I always think of lemon zest as just the yellow part. Are you doing it with both the yellow skin and the white part (I have heard that the white part is good for you.)

    • says

      Right, I don’t grate the lemon peel. First dry the peel and chrash. Hubby tried another method and it worked fine too. He minced lemon peel, dried it and then ground. This makes the grinding or crushing easier. About the white parts, it is said that that white part makes your lemon zest powder bitter, but we don’t remove them and use both yellow and white parts. No bitterness at all! If it’s good for health, we shouldn’t waste it!

  5. says

    Thank you for sharing this great idea – I love Lemon zest and it never occurred to me to dry it so I could always have it around. One could do the same with Orange zest!

  6. says

    Wow, this is great!! Just think about how many lemon zest that I have wasted all this time… Is this applicable to any citrus fruit too?

  7. Touria says

    I love the lemon zest especially in yogurt cake and carrot salad. In Morroco we cook chicken tagines with preserved lemons.
    tnxs for charing

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