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I know I already have two different recipes of manti in my blog, but I tried this one for the first time and adore it. I learnt it from my second mom  (my mother- in-law), who is also a creative cook. She knows how much I love manti but also I don’t have much time to prepare an original manti. While talking on the phone, she suggested a manti recipe, which is totally new to me. I heard its name many times, but never tried. She told me that this time saving  recipe is just for me and added it is as tasty as traditional manti. It is time saving because 1)you don’t prepare the dough, you use phyllo sheets instead. 2)you don’t work on making small shapes, this one is pretty big when we compare it to traditional manti. For these two reasons it’s called High Society Manti (Sosyete Mantisi). You know people from high society don’t like working on effortful dishes. Altough I’m not a member of that society, I’ll make this hearty manti during my busy working term.

Sosyete Mantisi

•    One phyllo sheet
•    ½ cup vegetable oil (for frying)

•    150g mince (ground meat)
•    1 onion
•    1tsp salt
•    1tsp black pepper
•    1tsp red pepper flakes
•    A few leaves parsley
•    2 tbsp vegetable oil

For its Sauce:
•    A bowl of yogurt
•    4 cloves garlic, mashed
•    Red pepper flakes
•    Dried mint

Note: I made it from one phyllo sheet as we were just two at dinner and 8 pieces came out from it.

First let’s prepare its filling. Mince the onion and saute it in oil in a pan. Then add ground meat, salt and other spices. Stir while sauting. Don’t let the ground meat cook completely, 5 or 7 minutes sauting will be enough. Then let it cool.

Lay the phyllo sheet on the counter and cut into pieces of triangle shapes as you see in the picture. To cut it into 8 pieces, first make a plus on the phyllo sheet with a knife, then cut it again between each line.

After having 8 pieces, grab one of the triangles and put some filling mixture on the broad side of it. Do not put it much, otherwise it will be difficult for you to wrap it up.

Wrap the triangle as you see here, you can stick the end of the sheet by dipping a finger into a little water and touching on the end.

Then twist it as in the picture, the triangles turn into rose like shapes. To prevent any distortion in this shape, insert a toothpick attaching the end and the head of the sheet. Do the same until you finish all triangles.

Heat he vegetable oil in a pan. Then stir fry these rose like pastries. It doesn’t need to be too crispy, when it turns to brown, it’s OK. Take them on a serving plate.

For its sauce, mix yogurt and mashed garlic. Pour some on the fried pastries and sprinke some red pepper flakes. Unfortunately I forgot to sprinkle some dried mint on it, I realized it when I finished all. I was so impatient to eat them that’s why I forgot it. But I know it’ll be more hearty if you don’t forget to add it.

High Society Manti | giverecipe.com

I’d like to thank to Mely from mexicoinmykitchen, who has delectable Mexican dishes in her blog. I’m always so curious about Mexican cuisine,  which takes my attention especially with its spices and special sauces with traditional flavors, so I learn a lot from Mely. Go visit it!



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    These look really delicious, Zerrin! Their are kind of like little meat pies. What a treat with that nice, flaky phyllo.

  2. says

    I love the reason behind the name! 😎 When the picture first came up, I actually thought they were large prawns but these are even better. Another wonderful recipe to make!

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    Wow these bits look so tasty, and artful. I bet it looks very festive with the red pepper flakes and dried ment on top. I cannot wait to try

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