Hello April 1!

April 2013

There is a nice rain outside, perfect for April 1! And I’m sipping my hot water flavored with lemon (right, this has become my favorite drink since the start of my pregnancy; no tea or coffee!), watching people and cars in hurry. We were outside too a few minutes ago and really enjoyed walking under rain with no umbrella! I love to feel rain drops on my skin, so I don’t like carrying umbrella!

It’s April 1 today, so it has a meaning for GiveRecipe readers! No, I’m not talking about April Fools’ Day! Yes, people in Turkey make jokes on that day too, you can see people laughing on TV or on streets. The name of the day is not April Fools’ Day though, we call the jokes made on that day April 1 Jokes. But it’s not what I want to share with you. You know I’ve been sharing calendars for your desktop since the beginning of 2013 and I will be giving April calendar away today!

April 2013

It was nice outside at noon, so we went to a special neighborhood in our city, Historical Odunpazari, which is famous for its old houses. What made us go there at noon was certainly based on food! There is an old lady making scrumptious gozleme in a small tent at the entrance of that area. She is such a great cook! She makes homemade pasta and dried soup called tarhana as well and selling these in front of her tent.

April 2013

I felt a strong craving for gozleme for a few days and when my husband, Yusuf offered to have lunch at this lady’s place today, I accepted with a great joy! Nothing could have made me happier today! My favorite gozleme is with spinach&cheese filling, but she said it finished earlier today. She had potato, ground beef, cheese, spinach fillings, and I ordered one with spinach only. I did love watching her make gozleme, but the smell was so irresistible! You can guess how difficult it was for me to wait until I had my first bite! It was sooo good!

A funny day without April 1 jokes is over, but I’m so satisfied with that gozleme. We definitely bought some extra for breakfast tomorrow!

April 2013

You can download your April calendar in its original size from here.


  1. says

    Merhaba Zerrin!
    Hamile oldunuz bilemedim. Tebrik ederim siz ve esiniz! Blogunuz cok guzel! Resimler cok harika sekilde cekiyorsunuz!

      • says

        Zerrin I like your name too. When my daughter was younger and we were living in Istanbul, she had a book with your name in it. I cannot remember the exact title but I think it was Sirin ile Zerrin or something like that. I am sure I still have the book packed away it was so cute. I was so excited to congratulate you on your pregnancy, that I forgot to mention gozleme is one of my favorite foods. I love it! Very nice post you did today!

        • says

          Never heard of that book April! I’m sure I will see it soon since I will be more interested in kids books soon:)
          Gozleme is one of the best Turkish fast foods, isn’t it? I love it more when it’s made by a lady like the one in this post. Such ladies are so talented!

  2. Osia says

    Hi Zerrin,
    I read your article with great joy! It brought back such wonderful memories…my husband and I visited Turkey almost ten years ago, and I remember having gozleme at every occasion in Antalya… it was so much fun to see them prepare it, and yes, the spinach and cheese is my favorite. Also, you mentioned tarhana, which I have not had since I was a kid. My grandma who came from Asia Minor used to prepare it, and I loved it! Wish I could have some right now! Thank you for all the recipes and the memories!!…and, the calendar! Great picture, and so appetizing!

    • says

      Hi Osia,
      Happy to bring memories! So it’s time for you to have another visit to Turkey! Enjoy the calendar!

  3. says

    Hello Zerrin, I am so happy for you that you are expecting! I am glad to see you are feeling well and enjoying some delicious local favorites. Looks so delicious!

  4. says

    Zerrin congratulations on your pregnancy!:) It sounds like you have a beautiful day. Gozleme are new to me but I know I would love them. Thanks for sharing, and it’s sweet of you to share a desktop calendar.

    • says

      Thank you Nancy!It was really a great day with gozleme and rain! Nice to hear that you loved the desktop calendar!

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