Healthy Kitchen Tips

Healthy Kitchen Tips |

A stronger body is possible with healthy food and healthy cooking methods.
What are the most important tips that we should follow in grocery shopping and in the kitchen to be healthier?

  • Try to eat vegetables and fruit when they are in season. It’s better to buy spinach, cabbage, leek, broccoli, cauliflower, orange, tangerine, apple, pear in Winter and green beans, zucchini, pinto beans, okra, tomato, pepper, cherry, peach, mealon and watermelon in Summer.
  • If you love to eat summer fruit and vegetables even in Winter, it’s better to prefer them frozen.
  • Chop salad ingredients roughly, chopping them thinly causes loss of vitamin C. Use your hands for greens instead of chopping them with knife. Don’t wait your salad for long, eat it once you prepare.
  • Prepare your own fruit juice from fruit of the season instead of buying it packaged. And don’t prepare it long before you drink, which causes vitamin loss.
  • Don’t forget that it’s always better to eat the fruit itself than to drink its juice.
  • Don’t prefer frying method so often when cooking. Steaming is the best cooking method as it protects  vitamins.
  • Boiled or oven cooked meat and chicken is better than fried ones. Don’t forget that grilling them over coal is not a healthy way of cooking.
  • Boil pasta in enough amount of water and let it is absorbed. If you boil it in excessive amount of water, then don’t waste it, you can use it in soups.
  • If you defreeze something, use it at once. Never put it back in freezer.
  • Defreeze food in refrigerator, not outside. Never try to defreeze them under sunlight.
  • Wash legumes very well and soak them for about 8 or 10 hours before cooking. Throw that soaking water away. Don’t waste it if you boil them.
  • Be careful with the amount of oil you use when cooking. 2 tbsp oil is enough for 1 kilo vegetable dish. You can prefer not to add oil to a dish if you are making it with meat.
  • If a recipe calls for heavy cream, it’s better to use milk instead, which make your dish with low calory.
  • Don’t oil the tray or baking dish for oven cooking, use baking sheet instead.
  • Have fish at least two times a week.
  • You can prefer white meat (chicken or fish) more than red meat, but don’t avoid eating red meat as well. Don’t forget that red meat is a great source of iron and vitamin B 12. Be careful with the portion though.

Let’s make a bit self-criticism! How many of these tips are you following? And how many of them are you planning to include in your life? And feel free to share your tips!


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    Yazdıklarının hepsine katılıyorum arkadaşım :))
    Bir de ambalajlı hazır gıda tüketmeyip, evde yapabileceğim herşeyi kendim yapmayı tercih ediyorum…

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    nice tips, thank you for sharing them with us. I want you to post more tips so that it will be more helpful for having healthy dishes


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