Healthy Foods To Lose Weight

Healthy Foods To Lose Weight |

Summer has already come and women have started to look for ways to lose weight. You know losing weight does not mean eating almost nothing or too little. Eating right food is so important not to harm body. Losing weight shouldn’t result in losing health!

Would you like to hear some foods that will help you lose weight? Some foods burn fat in body and make your metabolism work faster, so they can be your assistance when losing weight.

Milk and Dairy Products: These contain calcium and reduce the amount of fat in your body especially when you have them 3 times a day. Also, dairy products lowers the value of glycemic index of the food as they contain protein and help your meal stay in stomach longer.

Egg: It is the best protein source after breast milk. The quality and quantity of protein an egg contains help fat burning.

Foods with high amount of fiber: These increase intestine work and help foods stay in intestines shorter, which is so important for fat burning. Also, they can prevent sudden increase of blood sugar level.

Nuts, flaxseed and salmon: What these foods have in common is omega 3 fatty acids, which reduces the amount of fat in body. You shouldn’t overeat these foods though.

Green Tea: It contains antioxidants and catechin, which has a positive effect on speeding up metabolism and fat burning.

Asparagus, Cucumber, Artichoke and Zucchini: These foods have diuretic effect and they help you get rid of excessive water in body.


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    I did not know artichoke help eliminates the excessive water in the body.
    Thanks for sharing Zerrin, just in time for the summer season

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