Health Tips For Summer

Health Tips For Summer |

People start to prefer drink more beverages and eat less food with coming summer. They have fresher foods like fruits or fruit juice, but we should keep a healthy diet that is rich in nutritional value in summer too. Here are some suggestions you should always keep in mind.

Health Tips For Summer:

Do not skip meals. Have 3 main meals a day just like the other times of year.

Eat vegetables and fruits more.

Avoid fried foods, which are so harmful especially in hot climates.

Prefer olive oil in your dishes.

Prefer boiling or oven cooking for meat.

Be careful with the amount of ice cream you eat.

Prefer fruit or dairy desserts when you crave for something sweet.

Eat whole wheat bread instead of white.

Be careful with the amount of salt you have a day.

Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day to hydrate your body.

Avoid soft drinks. Prefer water, mineral water, ayran or fruit juice instead.

Avoid heavy meals especially at dinner. Digestion becomes harder at nights as metabolism works slower.

Try to be physically more active when it gets cooler afternoon.

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