Health Benefits Of Stinging Nettle

Health Benefits Of Stinging Nettle |

Stinging nettle is a precious herb for our health. As it is not a cute herb with its stinging texture, it might be considered as weed, but it is definitely not! It is rich not only in vitamins A, B and C, but also in provitamin. Did you know that it helps your beauty and has a positive effect on losing weight?

It is stated that stinging nettle also lowers blood sugar, so this herb is recommended to those who have diabetes.

Because of chlorophyll, vitamins and iron it contains, stinging nettle is used as food or drink against anaemia. Besides, it relaxes respiratory tract when you have a terrible cold.

Last but not least, the roots of stinging nettle can be used for skin and hair care. It is said that you can prevent hair loss, dandruff and oily hair by drinking the tea made from boiled stinging nettle roots.

You can mix it with another herb you love when using it in dishes. Here is a recipe with stinging nettle: Borek with Stinging Nettle Herb


  1. Gloria in Western Canada says

    Great timing on this post Zerrin. I have forwarded it to a friend who is recovering from a cold with a bad cough.

  2. says

    Cool, I just cooked with nettles, made a puree to go with a rack of lamb. Great to know all the health benefits of it!


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