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Hardworking Turkish Woman | giverecipe.com

Well, Turkish woman is generally hardworking, especially the ones living in villages. Women in big cities might get easily tired, but village women never have time to feel tired. I always have a big admiration for them. They get up very early even before sun rise and a very busy schedule starts  for them. They feed their cattle, goats, sheep, milk them and clean their shed or take them to meadow to graze. Then they bake some bread for breakfast. They do some house chores including cooking dishes. Then they go to their field, which is generally away from their home generally on foot or on donkey or horse, to work on crops. If they have a small kid, they take him/her to where they go on their back. Then they go to mountains to pick herbs of that area for a later meal. They might also pick wood for Winter or for the fireplace outside their house. Many of them use this fireplace to cook dishes. When they come back they look after the animals again, they make cheese or yogurt or something different based on their crops, and start to prepare dinner. I’m sure there are a lot more things they do, but I don’t remember now. They are so good at creating new works to do that they almost never have free time until they go to bed.

What is interesting about this dedicated Turkish woman is that they never complain about tiredness or about the works they do. Also, they have a longer life expectancy than city people. Don’t you think they deserve admiration?

I don’t want to sound discriminatory by saying Turkish woman is hardworking, please don’t get me wrong! I just want to show my admiration to these village women who hardly ever complain about their daily works. Whenever I feel tired, I think I should remember them to get inspired and say this motto to myself: “Turkish woman never gets tired!”


  1. nadine says

    Yes what they do is rightful.They also don’t have so much stress with office work as we in the cities,they live closer to the nature and fresh air. Our lives can not be compared because are different. Of course they deserve respect from us(city people) but we also deserve it because we must endure living in very demanding and stressful conditions.greets

  2. says

    These women are like the ones in Lebanon; they live out in the field most of the day and the oxygen and the fresh air is what keeps them healthy and living longer; studies have shown that the outdoors is critical to longevity!

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