Happy Victory Day For Turkey

Happy Victory Day For Turkey | giverecipe.com

Today is August 30, which has an important meaning for us. Turkish army, with the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk gained victory saving our land from being occupied and ended Turkish War of Independence in 1922. No country around the world believed that Turkish forces could win such a war as they were poor in weapons and soldiers. This victory was indeed the outcome of Turkish people’s faith in their nation and leader. They were strongly devoted to independence and they knew they could achieve gaining it despite all weaknesses they had.

August 30 is a national holiday and celebrated around the country as a victory day every year. People attend military parades, air forces have demonstration flights with jets in our flag’s color, red and white or leaving red and white trail in the sky.(image above taken from here)

State officials have a ceremony at Ataturk’s Mausoleum called Anitkabir in Ankara. Thousands of citizens from cities around the country come visit Anitkabir to thank to Ataturk and to show their faithfulness to him.

Happy Victory Day For Turkey | giverecipe.comStreets are decorated with Turkish flags. People join this celebration by hanging Turkish flags or posters of Ataturk on their balconies or windows, above is a view from our balcony. Shop owners do the same. City buses and trams have Turkish flags on their windows on that day.

This is such a joyful day for us!


  1. Gloria in Western Canada says

    Hope you are enjoying your day! Thank you for these posts that help us get to know your country (and will second someone else’s comment about really wanting to get there some day).

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