Happy Republic Day to Turkey

Republic Day 1

89th Anniversary of Republic of Turkey

Today is the 89th anniversary of the foundation of Republic of Turkey! It is celebrated by Turkish people with a big excitement all around the country.

The commemoration started at 10 am in my hometwon. There was a great official parade on the biggest street of Eskisehir. Let me share some of the groups in the parade with you.

turkish folk dancers1

Turkish folk dance takes one of the most important roles in the celebration. You see typical Turkish folk dancers in the pictures.

Turkish folk dancers2

turkish folk dancers 3

They wear a special costume for this dance, which belongs to the Aegean region of Turkey. You see dancers holding wooden spoons in their hands, 2 spoons in each hand. They complete the music by beating the spoons while dancing.

Turkish soldier

You see Turkish soldiers waiting for the parade  in this picture.

military band

Here is the military band, playing military marhes.

Turkish flag

You see the parade of Turkish flags here.


And finally there were even scouts joining the celebration.

After this official ceremony in the morning, there was a big march of people living in this town in the afternoon. Those who want to contribute the enthusiasm grabbed their Turkish flags and rant o the meeting point, which is the center of the city. There were thousands of people waving theit flags, singing, shouting slogans and clapping. It was a FANTASTIC celebration of Republic day today!

Thanks to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and his companions for founding Republic of Turkey and leaving such a supreme gift to us despite all difficulties they faced! We all owe our lives to them!

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