Happy Eid To Muslims

Happy Eid To Muslims | giverecipe.com

We’re having two celebrations in Turkey today. It is both Victory Day and the first day of Eid! Such a great day!

After a month of fasting (also called as Ramadan month), it’s time for people to celebrate the festival with candies and desserts. It’s time for everyone to make children happy by giving them gifts. It’s time to come together with relatives and friends. It’s time to be reconciled with the ones you had quarrel with. It’s time to have good relationship with everyone. It’s time to remember humane feelings and smile! Happy Eid to muslims!

To learn more about the cultural details of Ramadan, you can read the posts with that tag.


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    Happy Eid! I hope you are having a relaxing end to your week. I’m about to start my long weekend, and I’m feeling quite content with some cookies, your blog and a glass of milk. Love and hugs!

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