Grilled Fish Recipe

Grilled Fish

I think you can reach the best taste of fish while on boat. You catch fish yourself, clean it yourself, grill it yourself and eat with friends. If you have the opportunity of saling on your boat, try it and you’ll understand how it tastes different.


•    A boat
•    Fish net
•    Griller
•    A pair of tongs

Get on your boat with friends, sale for a while and stop in the aproppriate point (where fishing is allowed). Place the fish net properly. Wait for some time. When you think the number of fishes hooked in the net is enough, pull it.

Clean the fishes you catch and put them on griller. Turn the fish with a pair of tongs to grill the both sides equally. When you get the color you want, it’s done.

Do not wait any more, eat it without seasoning it. It doesn’t need any other ingredients.

(I hope you enjoy this recipe. In the picture, you see the small gilthead seabreams we caught last summer when we were in Bodrum/ Turkey)



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