Grilled Eggplants

Grilled Eggplants

I can eat everything made from eggplant/aubergine. This vegetable attracts me first with its purple color, then with its so special taste. This attractive vegetable is low in calories and it has a lot of benefits for our health. It relaxes nerves, decreases blood pressure and the level of cholesterol in blood.

Maybe that’s why Turkish cooks make over 100 types of eggplant dishes. Some people like it in different types of salad, some in stew, some like it with meat, some like it fried, some like its pickles… You see we can count a lot of different types of dishes made from eggplant. I love all of them. In this post, you will see eggplants in appetizer form. It is like a salad of grilled vegetables, but we call it eggplant salad or grilled eggplants or babagannus in some regions. Eggplant is the main ingredient here, you may omit any vegetables for this salad, but not eggplant. This appetizer is best when vegetables are grilled on a wood fire. So if you have a chance, try it and see how its taste changes.

Kozlenmis Patlican Salata

Ingredients •    4 chubby eggplants •    2 green peppers •    1 red pepper •    2 tomatoes •    4 cloves garlic •    A few leaves of parsley, minced •    ½ lemon •    3 tbsp pomegranate sour sauce •    Salt •    3 tbsp olive oil Grill eggplants, tomatoes, green and red pepper in oven, in a pan or on grill. Chop all of them in the shapes you like.  Mash the garlic and combine it with this mixture. Then add the minced parsley in it. Now it’s time for its sauce. Mix pomegranate sour sauce, lemon juice, olive oil and salt in a small cup. Then pour it on grilled and sliced vegetables. Combine them well. And it’s ready!


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    Interesting version, I hadn’t seen babagannus with peppers added before, usually just with eggplant alone. Sounds tasty!

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    This sounds so good! I almost never cook with eggplant and I really don’t know why, no excuse. My grandma used to make an eggplant caviar dish that I have to replicate at some point, although I have no idea what the other ingredients are, will have to experiment until the taste is right.

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    I ♥ eggplant! In fact, it’s such a favorite vegetable in our kitchen that this year I purchased 3 types of eggplant seeds to attempt growing in my garden this spring. You know, if you like to garden yourself, I would be more than willing to share some of my veggie seeds with you — I’ve got too much!

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    Thank you for posting this recipe.
    I love eggplant and the opportunity to cook it in a different way.

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    Rico – Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    Daily Spud – If we use eggplant alone, we don’t call it babagannus, it’s just eggplant salad. I strongly recommend you to try it once.

    Lisa – I agree, eggplant makes everything delicious.

    Natasha – If you catch the right taste after experiments, I’d love to learn it from you.

    rowena – How lucky you are to grow your own veggies… I’d love to share those seeds if I had a garden. Thanks anyway :)

    Mely – I hope you like it in this way as well.

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    I absolutely love baba ganoush,mmmmm… Thanks, Zerrin! I am anxous about the other 99 aubergine recipes!!


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