Grilled Chicken Recipe

Grilled Chicken

I love chicken dishes, but grilled chicken is my favorite. This may be your main dish, but it is a kind of appetizer for me and my husband as we like eating this chicken with glasses of beer. Many people prefer french fries with their beer, but grilled chicken is better for us. We cook it on an electric griller. The smell of the chicken on griller is as scrumptious as its taste. If you don’t have a griller, you can cook it in oven, as well.

Izgara Tavuk Kanat

•    500gr chicken wing pieces (depends on the number of people)
•    Salt
•    Dried thyme
•    Cayenne pepper

Wash the chicken pieces and drain. Sprinkle all spices on them. Incorporate all of them.

Place the chicken wing on your griller and roast them by turning occasionally. After this first group is grilled enough, take them from the griller and put on a plate. Without wasting time, place the second group of chicken and while they are roasting, you can eat the ones you’ve put on a plate accompanied by a large glass of beer.

Grilled Chicken


  1. Rico says

    lovely recipe and very good looking chicken …it looks so tasty ..well done thanks for sharing

  2. Biran says

    You are making me hungry. I already have the glass of beer all I need is some chicken. Very nice post!

  3. says

    I love how simple and yummy this recipe is! We LOVE chicken wings at our house and usually brush them with some BBQ sauce but this is a good change.

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