Green Tea Effect on Chemotherapy

Green Tea Effect on Chemotherapy |

It is found that green tea both reduces negative effects of chemotheraphy medicines, which are used for cancer treatment, and increases the positive effects of it on treatment.

A study on effects of green tea on chemotherapy is held by Professor Dr. Omer Kucuk from Emory University Medicine Faculty and Professor Dr. Ayhan Dogukan from Firat University Medicine Faculty and Professor Dr.Kazim Sahin from Veterinary Medicine Faculty of the same university. They experimented green tea on rats which were given chemotherapy medicine and whose kidneys were sickened.

Doctors stated that they achieved reducing the side effects of chemotherapy such as oxidative stress on rats with the help of green tea.

Prof. Dr. Sahin said “Chemotherapy medicines have effects both on cancer cells, which uncontrollably reproduce and on live body cells, which reproduce excessively for body functions. This causes harms on our natural live cells and side effects come out as a result. We have discovered in our study that we can decrease these side effects with green tea. Various side effects are seen on rats which were not given green tea whereas we saw that the side effects were reduced on the rats which we gave a substance called ‘epigallocatechin-3-gallate’, which is found in green tea. Moreover, we found out that this substance also increased the positive effects of chemoterapy medicines.”

He added “ It is already known that green tea has anti-cancer effects, we discovered how it is effective. It is possible now to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy medicines with the help of the substance, ‘epigallocatechin-3-gallate’ in green tea.


  1. Kate @ says

    I used to drink Green Tea at least once a day…I need to get back into the habit. Thank you so much for reminding me.

  2. says

    This blog post brings up the issue of how best to minimized the toxicity of conventional oncology- both chemo and radiation. Yes, green tea helps to minimize side effects. Further, green tea protects me from a cancer relapse as well as from a secondary cancer.

    However, numerous studies outline the ability of anti-oxidants to minimize side effects while enhancing efficacy.

    From a day to day viewpoint, I find it difficult to drink the 5-10 cups a day recommended by health experts therefore I supplement with green tea extract.


    David Emerson

  3. Kankana says

    I used to drink green tea back in India .. not often though , because i never liked the taste that much .. but i think i should start .. thanks for sharing this info.

  4. says

    Feeling pretty good about the cup of green tea I had yesterday. Maybe I’ll brew another one. Thanks for the information!

  5. says

    This is so interesting, and I just love that picture you included. Wow! What work green tea requires…and what good it does for our bodies. Thank you for sharing, my blogging friend! I’m sending you wishes for a happy and delicious week!

  6. says

    Very informative post. I don’t quite like green tea but drink it for health purpose. Now I will drink more :)

  7. says

    That’s so interesting, I knew Green Tea was ‘good for you’ but had no idea of its benefits to this degree. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. says

    There is absolutely not enough research done on food and disease. I have also read that tumeric is another “healthy” food for Chemotherapy patients, and one to eat a lot of to resist cancer.

    Great information!
    If you move the submit comment button to under the CAPTCHA code, it would help a lot.

    • says

      I’ve heard a lot of benefits od turmeric, but not this one. Thanks for sharing that info here.
      And I changed the place of CAPTCHA code. Thanks for your suggestion.


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