Green Olives For Breakfast

Green Olives For Breakfast |

How To Eat Green Olives

Breakfast might be considered as the most important meal in Turkish culture. We don’t like having small breakfasts with cereal, sandwich or cake. Coffee is no way considered as breakfast! There are certain must be on table foods. Besides bread and tea, there must be black and green olives, cheese, jam, sliced tomato and cucumber. If we have enough time,we make it even richer with a variety of jams, honey, butter, boiled or scrambled eggs, acuka, sujuk, salami, pastries like borek.

All these could be served in various styles. I would like to share how we have green olives here. While it might be served plain, just with some olive oil on it, there are some more options too. We two love it with dried thyme, paprika and lemon juice besides olive oil in it. With this tangy and a bit bitter flavor, green olive is definitely so refreshing and helps you adapt to morning and the new day. If we have enough time, we prepare green olive salad, one of our favorites!

There is also another version of green olives served at breakfast: stuffed with chopped red bell pepper. I’m planning to share it another time.

If you still don’t know how to make green olives at home, read it here: How To Cure Green Olives

Green Olives For Breakfast |


  1. Amanda says

    Very interesting! I live in the US and always thought I was a bit strange for eating green olives in the morning. But I really love it paired with cheese and bread. Maybe a hard boiled egg too! :) it’s nice to know I’m not alone and that if I ever came over to your side of the world, I’d fit in well! Thanks for sharing! Quite interesting!

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