Green Lentil Time

Green Lentil Time |

As it is winter time, we have already started to make green  lentil soup or various kinds of green lentil stew more often. I’ve always found these little pebble like seeds so cute. It is used in different dishes in Turkish cuisine and I’m going to share them here later. Besides soups and stews, green lentil is used even as borek filling or in salads. It is a cheap and tasty alternative to meat. Let’s learn more health benefits of green lentil. It is generally considered as the food for vegetarians, but it is good for everyone’s health. Also, it might be expensive to buy meat every time, so you can replace it with green lentil, which is much more affordable.

Green lentil contains two types of fiber; one is soluble, the other is not. Soluble fiber captures harmful substances from body removes them out of body, and green lentil controls cholesterol level inthis way.

It controls blood sugar level thanks to this soluble fiber in it,so diabetics are suggested to have green lentil in their diet.

As for insoluble fiber, it is helpful for people with indigestion problem.

Green lentil is a heart friendly food as it is rich in magnesium and folate.

It contains high amount of iron, which women need during menstruation, pregnancy and breastfeeding.


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    4-5 yıldır yeşil ve kırmızı mercimeğim Batman’dan geliyor. Bir tanıdığım kendi yetiştirdikleri mercimekleri gönderiyor. Çocuklarımın da en sevdiği bakliyatlardan biri. Neredeyse haftada bir pişiririm. Güzel paylaşım için teşekkür, sevgiler:)

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    Now I know what I’m picking up at the market today. Thank you so much for sharing with me. I’m hungry now for a good nutritious meal. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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